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ID Your Streamlight® Flashlight
Personalize your Streamlight Flashlight with a logo or message

Streamlight Flashlights can be identified with custom artwork or text. This could be anything from a company logo to your company name and slogan. Each flashlight has a set area that can be ID'd, and has a specific type of identification technique that can be used.

Available Fonts

The following fonts are available for IDing your Streamlight flashlights:

Arial Bold,  Monotype Corsiva, Copperplate Gothic and Georgia

Streamlight Flashlights Identification Options

There are three types of identification that can be done and they each have different pricing. Here is a breakdown:

1. Hot Stamping - $100 Tool Charge (One Time Fee) + art work or text is $0.25 / flashlight (both art work & text is $.50 / flashlight) No individual names.
Hot stamping forces a heated image, die or typeface against a flashlight, with inked foil pressed between the stamp and the light. The field where the image or die meets the light body is imprinted with ink from the foil. Hot stamping is commonly used to mark many different materials, such as polymers and plastics.

2. Pad Printing - $130 Tool Charge (One Time Fee) + art work or text is $.35 / flashlight (both art work & text is $0.70 / flashlight) No individual names.
Pad printing is a printing process by which an image is transferred using a silicone pad onto a flashlight. Pad printing is not limited to flat and/or round objects, but permits printing on various irregular surfaces. This technique can be used on plastic, glass, ceramics, silicones and more.

*** There is a $50 setup fee charged for quantities under 100 each
(that fee is waived for repeat orders).
*** Minimum order quantities of 12 units and at least $400 of product cost apply.

Below is a list of every series of flashlight that Streamlight can hot stamp or pad print. You can download the required paperwork to order, and you can also view all the flashlights in that series that can be ordered with hot stamping or pad printing.

2AAA ProPolymer
3C ProPolymer Xenon
3N ProPolymer LED
4AA ProPolymer Xenon
Dualie 2AA
Dualie 3AA
Enduro LED
Fire Vulcan
HID LiteBox
Knucklehead with Clip
PolyStinger DS LED
PolyStinger LED

3. Laser Engraving - Go to the No Minimum Engraving page at FlashlightDistributor.com here.


If you have any questions regarding Streamlight Flashlight engraving, or anything else on our website, feel free to Contact Us.

Laser Engraving
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