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HAZ-LO Lights

Your safety is important to us.

There are several types of locations in which it can be extremely dangerous to use any light that has not been specifically designed — and approved — for that kind of location. These are areas where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to the presence of flammable gases, liquids, vapo...
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The Streamlight Dualie LED Flashlight is an intrinsically safe, high performance, dual function LED flashlight. The flashlight features a forward facing LED spot beam and a side facing LED flood light that can be used individually or at the same time for enhanced safety.
Streamlight HAZ-LO® Headlamp Flashlights are intrinsically safe with Class I, Div. 1 safety ratings, perfect for when working in a hazardous environment with tasks that require both hands.
The Streamlight Knucklehead® HAZ-LO® FLashlight is a feature-laden, safety approved worklight to add to your toolbox of intrinsically safe equipment. It provides a flood or spot pattern to safely illuminate your work area.
The Streamlight PolyStinger® LED HAZ-LO® is a high performance flashlight, intrinsically safe with Class I, Div. 1 safety ratings. It is developed for hazardous locations, atmospheres and environments including petro-chem, utility, and other heavy industrial applications.
A good choice for anyone who needs an intrinsically safe flashlight that is also compact and durable. This light is fits nicely into your pocket and is always ready to light your way.
This bright LED penlight has a battery life 20x greater than a standard flashlight and goes anywhere you need it.
The Streamlight® Survivor is a lightweight, hand-held personal light with right angle head designed for use in hazardous locations. It features a bright piercing beam that cuts through smoke, fog and mist for greater visibility. The Survivor® also has a spring-loaded clip that grabs onto gear for easy, hands-free use.
When you need a tough lantern that is compact and lightweight, you want a Streamlight® Vulcan®. We’ve been told stories of these lights shining on, even after buildings collapse on them, trucks drive over them and fires scorch them. In addition, these durable lights have a Class I, Div 2 safety rating and are even waterproof.
FlashlightDistributor.com is an authorized Streamlight® Distributor
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Lumens measure how much light you are getting from a bulb or LED. More lumens means it's a brighter light. All lumens are based on the light’s lumen output on its highest setting.
Candela indicates the maximum luminous intensity typically along the central axis of a cone (beam) of light. This measures the brightest part of the beam. All candelas are based on the light’s candela rating on its highest setting.
Runtime is calculated in hours and is based on the light’s longest runtime available on its lowest setting.
Length values listed are in inches.
Price is calculated on the light’s base price without any options selected. Any light below your price will then be displayed.