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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Candela and Lumens?
Lumens are the measure of the total amount of light output from a given source. It is not a measure of light focused in one direction.

Candela is the actual measure of brightness emitted by a light source in a focused beam.

If you want a light to illuminate a large area or are concerned with electricity or energy efficiency, look
at the lumen rating. If you want a light with a focused beam, look at the candela rating.

A: Developed with the guidance of the American National Standards 
Institute, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and representatives from 14 companies in
the portable lighting industry, these standards help rate and compare the most important features of personal lighting tools.

Below is a link with the complete list of features covered by ANSI/NEMA FL 1 Standards, along with the icon that represents that feature. Participating flashlight companies show these icons on their packaging with a rating that tells you how the light performed. This rating system is particularly helpful because you can compare brightness, beam distance, impact resistance, runtime, water resistance, and more. Adherence to these standards and reporting results is strictly voluntary; and each flashlight company that participates in this rating system conducts its own tests following specific guidelines.

Streamlight ANSI Standards

Q: Can I buy rechargeable batteries at a retail store?
Yes, they will work, but may slow the performance of the light.

Q: Are disposable 123A batteries rechargeable?
No! Do not try to recharge them, as this can be dangerous.

Q: Aren't all disposable 123A batteries the same? 
A: No! Many counterfeit or inferior lithium batteries don't have the power output characteristics or built-in fault (short-circuit) protection. This can cause poor performance or even be dangerous to you and your light.

Q: What brand of batteries should I use?
Never use non-U.S.A. made batteries, mix old and new batteries, mix different brands of batteries, or use disposable batteries marked "PRC" or "Made in China". Use light manufacturer genuine brand batteries or Panasonic, Duracell or Energizer batteries. Using any other brands can possibly void your warranty. Never use a rechargeable battery and a disposable battery together. 

Q: What type of lamps do flashlights use?
Most of the lamps are gas filled with Xenon, Halogen or Krypton gas. Many lights also use high Intensity LEDs.

Q: What is Streamlight’s® C4 LED Technology?
The Streamlight-engineered reflector with C4™ Photonic Crystal technology creates an intense beam that pierces the darkness. So you get the long-run times and indestructibility of an LED with a new level of brightness that leaves other LEDs in the dark.

Q: What if I need parts or accessories for an older light or one that has been discontinued?
Give us a call toll-free at 877-749-5110 and we can find out what parts and accessories are still available. 

Q: My light does not turn on — what's wrong?
Install fresh batteries. 95% of non-working lights are due to dead or reversed batteries.

If the light does not turn on with fresh batteries, perform the "paper clip test":

• With the new batteries still in the light, unscrew and remove the tailcap.

• Using a metal object, such as a paper clip or key, simultaneously touch the flat center of the

exposed battery terminal and the rear metal rim of the flashlight; the flashlight should turn on.

NOTE: The headlamp's output control knob must be turned to any ON position for the test to

If the light still does not turn on, the problem may be dirty or greasy tailcap threads. Refer to the section below, "What parts of my flashlight need to be maintained?" and follow the instructions to clean your tailcap threads. 

If your headlamp still does not turn on, the problem may be dirty or greasy battery compartment or cap threads.

If the light does not turn on after cleaning, please call us at 877-749-5110 and ask for Customer Service.

Q: My LED flashlight flickers when I turn it on — what's wrong?
This is almost always caused by the batteries being nearly depleted. Replace the batteries.

Q: My dual-output flashlight only works at the low-output setting — what's wrong?
When the batteries are nearly depleted only the low-output setting works. This serves as a warning while still leaving you with usable light. Replace the batteries.

Q: I can't remove the head of my flashlight — what's wrong?
The heads of some flashlights and mounted lights are fixed in place and are not meant to be removed. If the head of your light cannot be unscrewed with moderate hands-only effort, then it is not meant to be removed.

Removing or attempting to remove a fixed light head will VOID YOUR WARRANTY. 

Q: What parts of my flashlight need to be maintained?
You need to maintain your tailcap head and threads, O-rings and battery compartment.
Clean the threads of the tailcap and head using cloth, paper towel or similar absorbent material. Clean the flat surface at the end of threaded section and corresponding area inside the tailcap to ensure positive electrical contact between tailcap, head, and body. Remove the batteries and clean the battery compartment using cloth, paper towel or similar absorbent material.

Remove dirt or debris from O-rings and use a cotton swab or similar cleaning tool. Lightly coat the O-ring with silicone grease, such as Nyogel or SCUBA equipment grease.

NOTE: Grease only the O-rings, not the threads. Do not use spray lubricants or petroleum-
based lubricants. Do not use acidic, alkaline or petroleum solvents to clean any part of your light.

Q: How do I remove muzzle gas deposits on the window or lens?
Remove the deposits using a clean, dry pencil eraser, rubbing in a circular motion.

Q: How do I change the lamp in my flashlight?
Models with unitized LED heads — The LED cannot be changed.

Most other models — 
  • Remove the flashlight head by rotating it counterclockwise.
  • Remove the lamp/reflector assembly and replace it with a recommended assembly.
NOTE – For all models, avoid touching glass bulb. Oil from your hand will degrade the surface and affect the performance of your flashlight.

Q: Which lamp does my light use?
Refer to the User Manual that came with your flashlight, or call us at 877-749-5110 and ask for Customer Service.
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