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Engrave Your Streamlight Flashlight
Personalize your Streamlight with an engraved logo or message

Streamlight Flashlights can be engraved with custom artwork or text. This could be anything from a company logo to your company name and slogan. Each flashlight has a set area that can be engraved, and has a specific type of engraving that can be used.

Available Fonts For Streamlight Flashlight Engraving

The following fonts are available for engraving on Streamlight Flashlights.

Amerigo Bold    BrushScript    Futura Lite    Swiss 721 Roman


Streamlight Flashlights Engraving Options

There are three types of engraving that can be done and they each have different pricing. Here is a breakdown:
Hot Stamping - $100 Tool Charge (One Time Fee) + $0.25 / flashlight
Pad Printing - $130 Tool Charge (One Time Fee) + $0.60 / flashlight
Laser Engraving - No Tool Charge + $0.55 / flashlight for Company Name and/or Logo. + $1.00 / flashlight for each individual name
You have the option of using a Company Name and/or logo, and you have the option of whether or not you want to personalize each one with an individual name.
*** There is a $50 setup fee charged for quantities under 100.
*Minimum orders of 12 units and at least $400 product cost.

Below is a list of every series of Streamlight Flashlight that has the ability to be engraved. Along with a list of the types of engraving supported, you can also download the required paperwork to order engraving, and you can also view all the flashlights in that series that can be ordered with engraving.



If you have any questions regarding Streamlight Flashlight engraving, or anything else on our website, feel free to Contact Us.

Laser Engraving
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